As well as writing autobiographical and fictional literary works, Harold is a multi-faceted writer and an Abraham Lincoln historian. Included below is a partial listing of his creative accomplishments.

Listing of Published Works:


Thomas Wolfe Revisited
Take Note - On The Trail of John Wilkes Booth
The House of the Lincoln Conspirators
The Lincoln Conspirator Who Got Away With Murder
Seven Steps To Murder (Lincoln)
Various articles based upon research for the Surratt Society Courier (Lincoln)
Various articles for Rhinelander Daily News (hometown newspaper) about travels across USA by hopping trains

Short Stories

Conversation Interlude (in book collection “The American Short Short Story”)
You Touched Me


This The Time (War Poems) more
RECALL and Other Poems
Remember (in book collection)
Tomorrow (in book collection)

Received several Literary Awards

Listing of Unpublished Completed Works:

Novels and Novelettes

THE PANTAGES - A Saga more
Molly Worthington
The Professor and The Convict

Stage Plays

The Conspirators (re: Abraham Lincoln)
A Pot Full of Geraniums (young people thieving elderly parents' estate)
Dear Walt (based on life of Walt Whitman)


The Man On the Mountain (based on "The Waltons")
Lone Boy Walking (autobiographical – based on hopping trains at 18 yrs of age)
A Trip to New Haven (comedy)
The Hitch-Hiker
Terror in the Schoolhouse
The Hideout
The Basement Room

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